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Fabulous wine shops in the Ribble Valley

Use your glamping break to extend your wine knowledge, rather than relying on a badly-stocked offie. When we think of a wine holiday, we tend to think of areas such as Burgundy, the Loire or Champagne, but it's possible to have a wine-focused jaunt here in the Ribble Valley.

This long-established family firm is a cool warren of low-ceilinged cellars with around 4,000 wines from virtually all wine-producing countries and regions.

Byrne doesn't sell online – it doesn't even have a wine list. That might sound discouraging until you discover that it charges less than anyone else for practically any wine you name.

Get there by train Langho to Clitheroe

Whalley Wine Shop

This multi-award winning wine rack was bought to us by a visionary and ambitious team. Its virtue is a particularly passionate and friendly staff, who are not too posh to sell sweets and smokes, and love to discuss food.

They now have a wine bar next door so you can go drinking then go shopping... a dangerous brilliant combination.

Get there by train Langho to Whalley

The Shed in Ribchester

Don't miss this wine experience in the outstandingly beautiful setting of Stydd Gardens. Here you will find the Wine Shed. This is no pokey garden shed – it’s a fabulous cabin nestled away in a sun-trap with a veranda and plenty of tables. serving delicious antipasti while you sample some of the 25 wines available by the glass. Meanwhile, one entire wall is filled, floor to ceiling, with around 250 organic wines from around the world, ready for you to take home.

Drive to Stydd Gardens, Stonygate Lane, Ribchester, PR3 3YN

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