Hello, we're Peter and Emma Turner, it's nice to meet you.

Peter is the 3rd generation dairy farmer at Croasdale Farm, producing organic milk in a very traditional way. Not much has changed here since Peter's grandfather first moved to the farm, almost a century ago. We live here in the farmhouse with our 2 children Evelyn and Harry. 


Peter has lived at Croasdale Farm all of his life and met Emma in 2012 at a local party. Emma grew up in Manchester and worked in the city, unfamiliar with farming and rural life, but of course loves it now.

The farm made the decision to diversify to secure it's future for generations to come.

Emma, a Travel Consultant until 2020, had spent the last 15 years specialising in luxury accommodation. So glamping seemed like the perfect combination of all we had to offer. Peter's farm with it's spectacular views and Emma's knowledge of quality travel experiences. Together we had all we needed to create a perfect space for all to enjoy. 


So now its not just our lucky cows that get to enjoy our spectacular views, which we believe were just too good to keep to ourselves. Come and see for yourselves – we think you’ll agree.